Flavors of Louisiana

We are pleased to announced that we have partnered with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana to bring an authentic culinary experience to the festival this year! Chef Patrick Mould, TV celebrity from “Cooking up a Good Life” will be at the festival doing cooking demonstration and teaching our patron how to make tasty authentic recipes!

History Of A Cuisine: “You have to understand the history of a culture to understand the significance of its cuisine. Most chefs that prepare Cajun Cooking outside the state think of it as a pile of ingredients or a style of cooking. They don’t grasp the true meaning of this type of food preparation. We have over 300 hundred years of cooking this particular style of cuisine under our belt and that’s just in this part of the world. This food is very sacred to us and we take it personally when it is done
an injustice at the stove.”

Biography: Chef, educator, TV personality, cookbook author and culinary innovator, Chef Patrick Mould has contributed much to the cooking landscape that is Southwest Louisiana. With over 22 years experience Chef Mould is no stranger behind a stove and has been at the forefront of Cajun and Creole Cuisine.



Shuck n Dive Cajun Cafe will be joining our festival! Shuck n Dive Cajun Cafe, serving the Freshest Louisiana Oysters and Seafood to south florida for over
15 yrs and counting!

Check out their Raw Bar at this years festival!!